Edgewater Park

Address: 7 Mile Rd and Berg
City: Detroit
State: MI
Zip: 48219
County: Wayne
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Notes: Church has been built at the location.
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2/16/2020 - Dave Eby
There was an amusement park on Lake Erie in LaSalle Michigan which is in Monroe County Michigan. It dates back to about 1910 and lasted into the 1950's or 1960's. It was called Toledo Beach Amusement Park but was about 15 miles north of the Ohio-Michigan state line. There are postcards about it on eBay all the time. It originally had its own train rail stop that dead ended into the park. It had a large ornate dance hall and a huge water slide that sat in the waters of Lake Erie. It also had a permanent Ferris Wheel among other things. It advertised as having the world's largest outdoor roller skating rink in the 1950's. Many people not familiar with it think it was in Ohio because of the Toledo Beach name and Toledo was just 15 miles south. The dance hall was electrified very early and was something to see at night.
6/25/2017 - Bob
I worked at Edgewater from 1972-1975. I was 16 when I started and worked there up until my Freshman year of college. My first year I blew up baloons for the dart game, then worked Skee Ball the next three years. I remember when the park only cost $1. 00 for the entire day, however the Roller Coaster was an additional fee. My boss was Leo Pike and his assistant was Doug Trout (honest to goodness, a true story). I made $1. 50/hour in 1972 and $2. 00/hour by the time I quit in '75. They had great French fries there. Sometimes when I hear an old song on the radio it brings back memories of Edgewater because those same songs were piped throughout the park, alll day, every day! Working there was an educational experience and I never knew what to expect from day to day.
5/1/2017 - mark smith
My brothers and I delivered newspapers for the Farmington Observer and they held an appreciation day for the delivery personnel every year at Edgewater. This was in the late 70's and the park was nearing the end of it's run. I suspect my parents would not have taken us to Edgewater, but since we earned the privilege with our own hard work delivering papers in the snow, deep snow, and cold, they couldn't reasonably say no. It was fun.
8/17/2016 - Helen Kelley
I am now 69 yrs old, and thoughts of the old Edgewater Park come to mind. From 1953-1976~ Through my childhood and the birth of my children there was Edgewater Park. My favorite rides were the roller coaster and the Octopus. My son loved the roller coaster, and my daughter enjoyed going through the House of Mirrors. So many wonderful, fun memories & blue cotton candy. I remember a very different Detroit than what we see in the 21st century.
8/17/2016 - Radjack
We used to go every year. I remember in the 1960's my sister and I finally got the courage to ride the wild mouse and it broke down while we were in line. People had to be rescued it was stuck up high. Later we checked back and watched as a maintenance worker rode the entire ride standing up holding on with one hand. We thought if he can do that we can ride on it, so we got in line and rode it a couple times that day and regularly on our return visits.
12/27/2015 - Steve
I'm so taken back recalling all the great times at Edgewater. It was last field trip every year of our summer bible studies class. I attended just to go to edgewater, I went 6 years straight '74 - '80. Its was the highpoint of not just the summer but the high point of my youth. I loved to ride the haughted house and the octopus. It was simply all-american fun & I will always cherish those times. Edgewater will always hold a sp place in my heart. Unforgettable place & time.
11/28/2015 - Dana
Does anyone have information about the dance marathon held at Edgewater Park in the 20's? My mother was in it and I'm trying to find more information about it. I have her old photos from it and she said her and her partner won the marathon and the prize was $1,000. If anyone has any info, please post. Thank you.
11/20/2015 - waterwinterwonderland.com
I USE TO WORK HERE AND MET ONE OF THE WAGNERS. it was during winter 1979 or winter 1980. and they had a few new attractions and i remember working with an electrician,,,the park was getting a bit dated and used by this time and i did odd jobs around the park during winter(painting ,clean up and when the park opened that spring(1979) i was a ride operator. the park had a erie feel about it. i guess knowing say some 10 year prior it was like a mega park. to seeing what went on behind the scene -made it lose its luster in my mind. but it was fun to work there and walk through the spook house with the working lights on -remembering how scared the ride made me feel and walking around the roller coaster looking at it from a tech stand point. Ford Motor company would have their family fun day -and rented out the entire park for Ford employes and my uncle took me to this each year they had it. its was great to be there with other family's that knew each other rather than the general public. you felt kinda privileged. the food ,rides and drinks were free-how cool. I think i loved this park. and like many people on here i would wash cars,rake leaves,cut grass,do odd jobs so i would have money to take the bus out there and have fun.
7/28/2015 - Barbara Camden
My childhood was not the greatest, but Edgewater Park brings back so many wonderful memories. The Beast was my first roller coaster ride. The wild mouse just scared the life out me. I just knew it was going to go off the tracks on every turn. It always seemed like the front half of the car was hanging over. I loved looking at all the pictures everyone posted, so many wonderful memories.
5/18/2015 - jim goike
Twin pines dairy had company picnics there also Milky the clown was always there the rides were free for the day All the milk fruit drink and ice cream bars you could eat The early 60s were the years I went with my family My father Gene Goike owned a couple routes in ferndale. and pleasant ridge Very fond memories.
5/17/2015 - Charmaine Jordan nee Dolney
I remember going to Edgewater Park when I was visiting my grandmother for the summer with my friend Nina. We were in middle scholl and is was around 1964. We met 2 young men from Detroit who we took a liking to, and we would travel by bus visiting various sites. Richard Edge was my boyfrriend. My grandmother never knew that we were meeting these big city guys!! What fun we had!.
5/14/2015 - dennis cazan
we lived on beaverland and then we moved to leewin about 1958 taft jr high was actually an apple orchard and the reason the front of it was sloped down so much was because it used to be our turtle pond. the rouge river was our highway with bonniebrook golf course cutting through the middle. the original entrance for edgewater was actually off berg rd, and had a cable and wood bridge that was were they originally had the entrance signage over. we used string bracelets that were different colors on different days and you could leave and reenter anytime of that color day we of course got our bracelets from people exiting and we all had full collections of those craig wood paul green mike and marc garwood chuck farrel and most of our neighborhood pretty much spent the early sixties there. we earned our money either cutting grass or husteling golfers on bonnybrook golf course we had a dog trained to get there balls i think it belonged to paul padalino who as i understand still lives on leewinwest of berg rd. We used to go to henries for burgers or pals pizza or to primo,s barber shop all on 7near dubois schoolwe used to climb the steps on the school and slide down the fireescape in the winter we used to climb around on the rides even to the top of the coaster iceskate at rouge golf course north of seven off berg behind the clubhouse they built a rink and in the spring ride the ice flows down the river and sneek into edgewater it was a great time to be alive and a kid in western detroit there was actually a horse farm across the street from st eugenes and i remember the reddick family on berg we used to go to blue dot market next door berg and 8 and i new her brothers all redheads. I was an alter boy and went to school at st. eugenes2nd. graduating classnever made it we moved in 67 but only to redford twp. so i could get back to my friends quick. I cherish those times because kids today do not know how to get together and have fun like that.
12/15/2014 - LISA COVERT
10/14/2014 - Lori Wenzel McP
What a great page After reading the posts with many familiar names, I decided to scroll down to view the photos in hopes of seeing some familiar faces. Imagine my surprise upon seeing a photo that I'm pretty sure includes me, my Mom & my Nana It is the one with the girl & the older woman sitting at an umbrella table, noted as a 'family photo'. Any idea who took that photo & when? Thank you, Lori.
9/10/2014 - Jim McDonald
I remember during the 40's and 50's my parents would take me to all the parks including Eastwood, Jefferson Beach, Walled Lake and my favorite was Edgewater. When I got older I joined the Detroit Police Department in 1967. I got assigned to the 16th precinct which was at Six mile and Grand River and guess what, Edgewater was in our precinct. We received quite a few police runs to the park but never anything serious. I met the guy who maintained the roller coaster and he made me laugh at the stories he told of the big brave guy's who were much larger and drunk and how they would beat him up until he would take the coaster to the top and stop it and he would run up the walkway to the top and told them to step out and not one of them ever did. Shortly after that they closed and that was so sad. I was at both Walled Lake and Edgewater with the Detroit police picnics. We were the last groups there when they closed. What sad days but what great memories!!.
7/18/2014 - Michelle Venticinque Holderbaum
Back in the mid 70's, I remember my Gramma, Aunts, cousins and I all going to Edgewater Park. I was in my early teens and like a previous poster, I remember it being in shabby shape. There was a sign when you walked in the park that stated in big letters something about the park closing and to ride the rides at our own risk Did we ride them? Of coarse we did I'm just miffed I missed Sir Graves Ghastly, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy AND THE BEATLES LOL.
6/7/2014 - Ricardo
The last time I was at edge water park was October 31, 1978 Halloween and I waited in line to get an autographed picture from sir graves ghastly and I remember enjoying the whole evening at the park had I known it would be my last visit. fond memories.
2/9/2014 - Larry
I am 56 years young! On this 50 year Anniversary of 'The Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, I just wanted to search for this topic and Edgewater Park. I saw this site and thought surely some one would have posted seeing The Beatles at the Park. I saw postings about Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy and of course the famous Sir Graves. The Beatles were At Edgewater Park. I was only 6 or 7 years old and I was there with my older sister and family. The Beatles were still dressed in their black suits with their Beatle boots abd performing on the top of a one story building just inside the front gate. It wasn't a very large building, could have been the restroom building. I was pretty young but I do remember the frenzy of the girls and girls throwing their keys up on the building. I don't remember any special advertising for their appearance and the park was not super crowded except for around the building. I have looked at some Beatles photo history books and magazines but haven't found documentation of this event. If any one else was there, please post. I rode the Wild Mouse. And we saw the wheels come loose from the track while others were riding, it was crazy. When my dad finally got me to go on the roller coaster, I was scared to death, and could not walk right when I got off!!.
2/7/2014 - Traci Fay Ginsberg-Rosenblatt
My dads sister married on of the Wagner Brother named Milton Wagner. My understanding as a child is that Milton was a coowner. My Uncle Milton every year w ould let his daughter Emmy have her birthday there. I remember my uncles would open the park a half hour early for us to ride the rides that we wanted before everyone publicly got to come in. I even remember Emmy one year getting in to trouble from tossing eggs in the fun house.
1/11/2014 - Ralph Stefan
My cousins lived on Appleton about two blocks from the park. We could get my aunt and my mother to take us there once a year. This was around the late 60's. The best I can remember the layout of the park is after you get in the entrance, the Scrambler was on right. There was a ride with patio umbrellas right by that. Going counter-clockwise through the park, there was a caged spinning thing on the left. I can't remember the name. My cousin loved it and we rode that a million times. The Himalaya was on the right. The giant roller coaster. I still have dreams about that. It's probably puny in comparison to the modern coasters at Cedar Point but it sure scared the crap out of me the first time I rode it. From the roller coaster, I think the fun house was on the right. Lemonade stand with real lemons was around there. There was a Calypso on the right and the dreaded Rotor on left. That was the spinning wall that pegged you to the wall while the floor dropped out. What a great place. It put Bob-lo to shame in my opinion just because that roller-coaster, Rotor and fun house were crazy great fun.
1/3/2014 - lynn reddick
My name is Lynn Reddick. I lived in the big old house at Berg and 8 mile. My father ran the roller coaster during the summers, so we all got in for free everyday. we always had such a good time. we weren,t allowed to ride the wild mouse! But my best friend Pat Cooley and i got to ride the last car of the roller coaster for 58 times without getting out. We never rode it again. My family had the best friends, because we lived in the best neighborhood! I was so lucky to have such a great childhood. reddick_lynn@yahoo. com still looking for Sharon Browe, or anyone that knows what happened to her.
10/12/2013 - james Anderson
Yes, I remember going to an afternoon/evening outing with my girlfriend Diane. It was my first year in High school Redford and it was some sort of school event and even though I was afraid of amusement park rides, the hit of mescyline I did made for a great time!!. including all the rides. and gulp, Bobby Sherman.
9/1/2013 - Janice Browne Terwin
I lived across the street from Edgewater. My father was superintendent of the park. He built the coaster. When Mr. Rose sold the park to Mr. Wagner my father stayed until he had a stroke and could no longer work.
8/13/2013 - Bob Masters
Back in the mid 70’s, Dad worked for Ford Motor Co. , and each year they would sponsor a family day which included a day at Edgewater Amusement Park. To be perfectly honest, I thought the park was in poor repair, but clearly it was in the last few years of its existence, so the condition was to be expected in hindsight. Still, my Sisters and I enjoyed the rides, and I still remember them vividly. MY young Brother was too little to remember any of it. Now it’s gone like so many other things from the past.
8/1/2013 - Jani Techel
I remember going to Edgewater Park as a child with my parents and family. Mom and Dad loved to play Skee-Ball, going on the water boats and my Dad loved the Dedgem Cars. We usually visited Edgewater Park two or three times per summer. Dad said that his father worked to help build the Roller Coaster in 1927. I think at that time the family lived in Detroit. I have often wondered what happened to the Park. and now I know. Thank you so much.
6/11/2013 - Bronco46
This was a great park. I remember going here several times with a girl friend. They used to put coupons on milk cartons where they offered money off the price of admission. If this place had been built 10 to 15 miles farther north it would probably still be operating. The neighborhood just fell apart around this little oasis of fun.
5/10/2013 - Sandra Huhtala Halbert
The photos shown of the Edgewater carousel figures are of the last machine and figures at Edgewater Park. The carousel shown was originally Walled Lake Amusement Park's Dentzel carousel, which was sold to Edgewater Park as Walled Lake began its decline. The distinctive white paint job on all the figures was their final appearance before the carousel was sold to a group from California which restored and resold them to collectors. We lost a treasure.
3/12/2013 - Larry R
My dad and mom would take me and my brother to Edgewater once a year back in the 1940's.
2/25/2013 - jim
I worked at Edgewater in the early 70s. As one guy described my boss Tim Gallo as crazy chinese guy , Timmy was Puerto Rican, but he was crazy. It was always fun and look back fondly of my time there.
2/20/2013 - stuart O.
I remember the few times my dad took me to Edgewater ( before the age of 10). I remember seeing the golf course(across the street) and then searching the trees (for the top of the coaster) and then getting all excited. I certainly remember the smell and taste, of the unique french fries and hearing the noises. The Tilt= A World was my favorite big boy ride. I only went on the roller coaster one time (with my dad), It scared the daylights out of me, but I was especially scared, after ( when I saw my chain-smoking, overweight father stopping to sweat and catch his breath). He died four years later. I never went on a coaster again, but still have sweet memories of Edgewater. I can still see the wooden tip and hear the clicking, rolling, and screaming. I'm 66, but the images, sounds, and smells still hold on tight.
1/25/2013 - Anne Weier
I remember very well seeing David Cassidy there, I was about 14 or 15 years old I think,It was my very first concert.
1/22/2013 - Ray Betzler
Im a Colordo native who lived in Detroit for some time as a kid. I will always remember the time I got the ok from my mother to go to edgewater by my self one time, It always felt like a true family place to go and have fun. My last time there was 1962 and I think I spent all my time on the go-carts. Sorry to only now see edgewater is gone,alot of good memorys. Thank you.
12/15/2012 - Bill Fogle
I remember the park. I remember pop pay one price a big selling point, you bought admission and the rides were all free. I remember my friend Fred standing up on the first hill on the roller coaster and when he got to the bottom instead of sitting down he smashed is nose on the hand hold, cried like a baby, it was bleeding. Lots of fun there.
12/4/2012 - Erin
If you went to Edgewater Park. chances are my Grama, Helen Lahti made cotton candy and snow cones for you. She just passed away last year at 99 years of age. She worked there for 18 years! Her concession stand was right across from the Dodgem Cars. My Grampa worked many of the rides. Most of my family worked there at one time or another. This is one of the 1st places that served up REAL french fries with Malt Vinegar! Yum! Edgewater was our home away from home growing up in the summer time! I have all my Gram's old pics of the park and employees from back in the day!.
11/29/2012 - Janice Lloyd
My mom used to take me and my sisters and friends to Edgewater Park, in Detroit, MI (late 70's). Back then she'd drop us off we would stay there for hours having fun. You didn't have to worry about much back then. Enjoyed eating the corned dogs and cotton candy, mmmmm.
11/6/2012 - Gayle Turenr
I went to this park in the late 50's with my 2 sisters - Very good memories.
9/24/2012 - Carol Lumma Tassin
My sister & I went every Saturday evening. We each brought a girlfriend & had a ball. (1966-1970) I think we hit every ride, ate too much junk food, but it was Great. It was nice & clean no trouble,but when it started getting dark we headed down to Toledo to the Peppermint Lounge to finish the night off! Those were the days Can't find good times like that anymore.
9/9/2012 - Amos Cameron
Our family used to hang out at E P in the early '70s. Boy the good 'ole days. I used to LOVE those french fries with the vinegar. Anyone remember those?.
8/19/2012 - Diane Placinto
My husband and I were dating at the time (late 60's), we went there several times, and really enjoyed ourselves. What I remember most, as I was walking under the ride with the swings, someone got sick, and I ended up with vomit in my hair. I couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough to rinse my hair.
7/9/2012 - William Blake
I remember going to Edgewater Park in the 40-5-. I have 8mm movies of all the rides. I can be seen on the merrygoround. I remember going there because my father Frank Blake worked at Mont6gomery Wards. They held their annual picnics their and Boblo. The very first thing I ever won was a plaster cast of Donald Duck. I still have that duck on desplay in a spare bedroom. Im now 70 years old.
7/5/2012 - David
Edgewater was the very first amusement park I went to I was probably 6 at the time. when was it demoslished.
6/25/2012 - Billie Sturgill
We use to LOVE the Ford Motor Company Picnics that were held at Edgewater Park when we were growing up. We looked forward to them every year.
6/19/2012 - Lynn Christensen
I worked in a few concession stands in 1968. I thoght it was so cool to work there. I was 15 years oild. I remember on our break we would get to eat and then go on a few rides. That was pretty awesome back then.
6/6/2012 - Patrick Reed
Man that roller coaster was my first. You knew it was a good summer if u hit all 3 amusement parks back then in those late great 70's. It started with Edgewater, then Boblo, and finally that trip to Cedar Point.
4/28/2012 - George Gjonaj
I lived on Leewin, And I loved walking to Edgewater in the summer. St. Eugenes Ice Cream Socials were also great in the Summertime. Great Memories. My sisters are Lucy- Maria-Linda- Brother John.
3/14/2012 - Roland Summit
I grew up in West Dearborn from 1934 until my family moved to California in 1948. Edgewater was my very favorite place to go as a kid. I loved the excitement, the rides, especially the Tilt-a-Whirl, and the up-close, chest-pounding fireworks. I'm wriring an article on the merry-go-round, which I visited just before it vanished in November, 1974. The surface of the animals was very rough and painted all over white, with black eye liner and red nostrils. Supposedly they had been submerged in a flood some time before. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has memories or information about that flood, when it was and and what kind of damage it did to the park. roljo@verizon. net.
2/23/2012 - Dave Dennis
I lived a few blocks away from Edgewater until the age of 10. With no air conditioning and the windows open, I remember many a calm summer night when I could hear the screams from those riding the roller coaster. The Wild Mouse was another popular ride. Never got the nerve to ride either one, but those memories are precious.
2/14/2012 - Dan Wieczorek
I believe it was the summer of 65. my cousin Dennis were 10 years old, we got the great idea of walking to Edgewater park from his house in East Detroit. we asked his mom if we could go and she said yes (not really realizing which park we were going to),so we set out walking and the only thing we knew was that it was on 7 mile and somewhere west of us. We got there after an eternity of hoofing around 3pm. we rode the roller coaster mostly until dark when we realized we had a long way to get back home. we had saved enough change to ride a bus east to Woodward where we debarked and began walking again. we were very scared and tired and when we reached Gratiot and 8 mile we ran into our parents accompanied by police. boy, did we catch hell but it was a day we'll never forget.
1/7/2012 - Wendy Calloway
In the 70's I used to catch the 7 mile bus down 7 mile to the golf course. (This is where we woukld be let off). We would walk to the park and have a ball. I remember riding the wooden roller coaster and just having so much fun.
12/13/2011 - Mike Rustick
We lived not too far from there. My Dad would take me there a couple times during the summer. We would also go to Bob-Lo (with my Mom) once a year. She didn't like the rides. Great times. Too bad times change. Edgewater would be too tame by todays standards, but it made for great memories. Thanks.
12/12/2011 - Unknown
walked there every weekend. great memories. i was never there at night, had to be home by 6.
12/11/2011 - Marlene
Just learned of this site how cool, i am 55 visited the park many times in the late 60's. saw david cassidy ,bobby sherman at the park what fun. many happy memories with my friend debbie. love it.
12/9/2011 - Steve Kozmor
Hello, I own a small T-Shirt company here in Michigan, and I had my artist create a design using over 100 photos of Edgewater Park. If you would like to get a Edgewater Park T-Shirt go to www. motorcitytees. com to se the design and order a shirt.
11/28/2011 - Chris H
I'm 70 now. the 50's were the best yrs. of my life. Edgewater was 1 1/2 miles from my house, my friends and I would go at least once or twice a week. Just great memories. Still scared of roller coasters though.
11/20/2011 - Dave Pike
I'm sad to report that Leo Pike passed away on November 13 in Eugene, Oregon. He was the general manager for Edgewater and later Walled Lake.
11/11/2011 - John
I remember seeing Lee Alan broadcast from a little white booth. It was near the parking lot I think and it had a lot of glass so you could see inside. He would blow his Horn from Pakistan. The song he made in 1964 with that horn is on YouTube under LEE ALAN Set Me Free YMCA. Listen and enjoy.
11/9/2011 - Larry
According to a Detroit News article, Edgewater opened in 1927 and closed for good in September 1981.
11/9/2011 - Larry
Man, this really brings back memories. I lived on Riverview st. near 7 mile and Telegraph during high school in the early 60s. I got a job at Edgewater during that time and started work in the penny arcade. I remember the woman that sat in the booth who used to make change for customers. Her name was ruby. She had silver hair that sat high on her head and I think she was maybe 60 years old. The only thing I did in the arcade was to open a pinball machine if it jammed and spent most of the time in front of the juke box. I think Ruby liked me because she let me use a special tool that would allow me to play all of the songs I wanted for free. I thought I had the best job in the world at that time because I got to meet a lot of girls. I also worked some of the carny games and remember the crazy Chinese guy who ran the game where you had to knock the milk bottles off the platform. Also learned to jump on the trampolines that were located just to the right of the entrance. Lee Alan used to broadcast some of his shows from there and I remember that he always parked his 57 T-Bird right near his booth. Anyway, I could go on but I'll stop right here for now.
11/6/2011 - HERMAN SUN
Does anyone know what year built and year closed or sold ?.
11/5/2011 - Gregory Kish
Can anyone remember the name of the scary/spooky ride here? There was a big red ( devil? ) face in the center and it was named something like 'Voyage de La Lune or something similar.
9/20/2011 - patrick filbin
Rodney, I read your post and recall fondly (1) you and your brothers, (2) the football field that was painted on Houghton, (3) having Edgewater Park as part of the ladnscape of our childhood, (4) going with you and the Beltzer family to a picnic (I vividly recall both Heidi and Mark). on and on. Hope that your brothers are well.
9/18/2011 - debbie Getzen
I lived on Dale Street behind Edgewater Park and I remember when the roller coaster broke down. We were riding down Shiawasse street, on our bicycles and we could see the roller coaster had stopped on its way up to the top of the big hill. Everyone on the roller coaster was getting off and walking down on the little deck next to the rails. I was so scared for all those people, we all watched and held our breath for all of them. Only once did my girlfriends and I sneak in. We would go up to Edgewater Park and look to see what number was stamped on the hand and what color it was. We would go back to one of our homes and get out the fountain pens and draw the stamp on our hands. OMG I was so scared we would get caught. I'll probably go to hell for this. Its good to read all the memories.
8/23/2011 - Al Small
I can still recall the layout of the park. Roller Coaster to the left, Salt and Pepper shakers, Round up, Flying cars, Wild Mouse. I sort of recall some in ground trampolines on the right as you enter. There were many of those trampoliine parks that sprouted up like miniature golf ranges, The trampolines were like ground level with an area of ground dug out below them. They dissapeared as fast as they appeared. Probably due to liability issues but were fun while they lasted.
8/21/2011 - Katie, Greg, Sue & Jeff Geyer
We lived 2 blocks away from Edgewater Park. We live on Beaverland, and during the summer you could hear the roller coaster clicking down the tracks. You could smell the fried foods and hear the screams and laughter. Towards the evening you could hear the bands playing. Our church St. Eugenes, used to have there church fair there called St. Eugenes Good 'Ole Days. As kids we couldn't wait for the church fair. We would walk through the turnstiles and the fun would begin. Of course, I think the roller coaster was everyones favorite. It used to freak me out as the coaster would roar around the bend so close to the river, but I kept on riding it. In the winter, when parts of the river would freeze, my kid brothers would sneek over there to check it out. I had my first kiss there. Remember the haunted house ride? There was this creepy stringy stuff that woudl drag across your face as the car went through. The fun house was a blast with the pathway moving up and down, the air blasting up from the floor in your face. I spent more money on the arcade games hoping to win that big stuffed animal. I drove though my old neighborhood the other day, and was suprised to see the quarter car wash still standing on 7 mile and Berg Road. My brothers would go to the car was hat dark and sift through the sand in the drain, just to find quarters that were dropped to get exta money for Edgewater Park. I really really miss those days. I miss Edgewater Park. My brother Greg passed away 2 years ago from brain cancer, and we talked about the park oftern, laughing and remembering. Thanks Edgewater Park for the wonderful memories for me and my family.
8/10/2011 - Sherry Lennertz
Edgewater Park and Walled Lake are two of my most pleasant memories of childhood, along with Boblo Island and the Ford Rotunda. My dad was a police detective in Detroit in the 1950's. We too, had company picnics and watched the fireworks at the parks. I remember some sort of amusement device at Edgewater in which a group of people held hands while touching the device and an electircal current ran through the circle of people, It was a total buzz, but probably not the safest thing in the world. But in the 50's, who knew? I used to go to the local drug store when I was 10 with a note from my dad telling the clerk it was ok for him to sell me cigarettes because they were for him, not me (25 cents for Lucky Strikes. ).
7/28/2011 - Patty
I remember my father's company picnics would be there. He worked for McLouth Steel back then. I just thought it was the coolest thing to have an amusement park so close beside Bob-Lo. There was a ride that you sat in & a cover went over the whole ride. It spun around. Boy I got soooo sick on that ride but still had a blast. Every time I drive up Telegraph & get near Grand River I start thinking about Edgewater Park.
7/24/2011 - Mary Jones
Kathy Schwartz and Kathie Thompson sound familiar…. I lived in Madison Heights and used to go to Edgewater with my friend Pat Kiesling. Pat and I used to ride the cage and make it go over and over. I also liked the gravity ride where you stood up inside to ride it. This was around 1963-1964. We were Greasers and, as Phil posted, we dressed in black and hated the Frats. Later on we kinda started blending in with everyone else. We were only 12 or 13 and also used to ride our bicycles to the Detroit Zoo, the shopping malls, and the Hazel Park Race Track.
7/24/2011 - Bill Wagner
My name is Bill Wagner and my father Cy Wagner owned Edgewater Park. A friend of mine sent this web page to me. It is really exciting to read about all the great experiences people had at Edgewater. The pictures of the park during the peak times and the memories are fantastic! I am very happy that Michiganders remember the park and the good times that it produced.
4/8/2011 - Jane -Kline Rutkelis
I loved Edgewate. Wow what a blast from the past. I saw Bobby Sherman there, it was the best concert I ever saw. Also, there rides were great !!! That was my first rollercoaster ride. I try to explain to my daughters that there was an Amusement Park near my house, they find it hard to believe. I grew up at 8 mile & Evergreen. So it was always a fun place to go, and it wasn't far away.
4/8/2011 - Jennifer V Aiken
Graduated July 1974 from Henry Ford High School and most of our events were at Edgewater Amusement Park. Saw David Cassidy there and I know Bobby Sherman performed there the year before David. My dad worked there when he was a teenager. Tilt-a-whirl, hymalayla, the roller coaster, the ferris wheel, were some of my most favorite rides. It was Detroit's Bob-Lo without the water and boat ride. Too bad neither one exists today.
3/20/2011 - Gayle Zech
I remember seeing Bobby Sherman at Edgewater Park. My parents loaded up myself and a bunch of girls in the car and headed over. Somewhere in my archives, I've got movies of the whole thing My late mother told me that she used to go on dates to Edgewater Park, hmmmmm.
3/17/2011 - Shamrock
I grew up about 2 blocks away from Edgewater Amusement Park in the 60's on a street called (you could look it up) Beaverland, an easy walk. Yet in 10 years, I never visited once. Why? Mom didn't trust the rides. I do, however, still have a vivid memory of one special day at Edgewater: Crowds of people and lines of cars spilling out into the streets, choking traffic for blocks. Bobby Sherman was performing. At the time, he was a regular in Tiger Beat magazine, propelled to heartthrob status by his role in HERE COME THE BRIDES. As a kid, I had never seen congestion - nor excitement - surrounding the park like this before. You could feel the buzz in the air and it left an impression. Now Bobby's a paramedic, and Edgewater is no more. And the land of beavers is a distant memory.
3/3/2011 - Martin Stefanac
I lived on Appleton 3 blocks from Edgewater Park. Used to go there all the time in the 50's. Graduated from Redford High in 1959. We just had a 50 year reunion in Sept 2009. Drove around the old house and where Edgewater Park used to be. It was very sad to find out that the park was no longer there. I also toured Detroit since I hadn't been there for over 20 years and was very disheartened by the many falling down buildings and burned out houses and boarded up homes. It sure looked like a war zone. I sure hope Detroit gets a good mayor who can figure out how to attract industry back to the city. First thing they must do is get rid of the free loaders and the 2nd thing would be to abolish the city income tax. To get workers to live in the city you need to protect them and not tax them severely so they will stay in the city and not move to a less taxing area.
2/28/2011 - John Walbridge
Edgewater and Walled Lake were both the best places to go when I was a kid. Unlike Boblo Island, you could go without your parents knowing. All you needed was a friend with a big brother or sister to get there! The roller coasters were terrifying because they were litterally about to fall down. No two rides were ever the same. We always knew we would be thrilled out of our wits or it would fall down and, well, FINITO! They were cheap, fun, and close like so many things back then. I wish kids today had the opportunities we had to spontaneously just go places with friends, without worry, with little money, and have so much fun! John Walbridge Brighton MI.
2/27/2011 - Douglas beets/Sturgill
I used to live on stout st as a younger brat and went to Edgewater Park quite a few times, I remember it very well. I was injured there in 1955, I was the kid that got his foot run over by that little train they had there, I was first in line for the next load of kids, someone pushed forward in the line, just like a domino effect, The girl behind me pushed me and I stuck my foot out to keep from falling, picked a bad place to put my foot, right on the track. It didn't cut my foot off just broke some bone in my foot, spent 9 months in a cast. My parents didn't want to sue them because there was no guard rail there to keep kids back, just wanted them to pay the hospital bills, they didn't, they lied when they told my dad they would pay them. I can't recall going there after that happened.
2/26/2011 - Gig
Redford was an amazing neighborhood in those days. We used to drive up Grand River from Windsor because my Dad was too nervous to drive the freeway. Our cousins lived up here and always went to Edgewater - we were jealous. We also thought they were rich. The houses in the neighborhood were nice and well kept.
1/25/2011 - Kathy Schwartz
I went to Edgewater on the Greenfield bus as often as I could with my BF Kathie Thompson. We loved that ride you where you got the cases moving back and forth until you could make it go overhead and around. Of course, no guys would believe two skinny girls could beat them, but we did everytime. and would win their free passes back for the next weekend. Great growing up memories of Edgewater Park.
1/20/2011 - Robert
I am 52 and remember days at Edgewater Park in the early 70's. I loved the roller coaster, Wild Mouse, Tilt a Whirl and the haunted house with that eerie face on the front with it's jaw constantly moving up and down as to laugh at you. I remember once I was in line when I was about 12 for the roller coaster. We got talking with some of the people standing in line. 2 older men (African Americans) asked me if I knew who he was. I told him NO and he revealed that his partner was Ernie Banks the baseball player. I had no clue who Ernie Banks was at the time. I look back now and wonder if it was true or not. Edgewater Park had the very best french fries as they were very long and delicious. I also went to the auction in 1981 I think. The remember the wooden roller coaster went for $1,100. 00 with the stipulation that you tear it down at your expense. What a sad day it was to see this park close.
1/9/2011 - John Zupancic
Tammy, you must have been there in 1979. I was working at the French Fries stand next to the haunted house where Sir Graves was signing. The park stayed open through Halloween that year. Not a whole lot of people showing up but it was a fun time.
12/30/2010 - Tammy Williams
When I was 11, we moved across the street from Edgewater park. I remember doing all kinds of odd jobs to get a few bucks to go over to edgewater, but living so close it was no big deal. I would see the people who had gotten off the bus, they would walk past my house pointing up at the rollercoaster with oohs and ahhhs, I would wonder why they were so excited about something that I had taken for granted living so close. From my bedroom window I could see the rollercoaster and just how mis-shaped it was. I knew it didnt look quite right, but as a kid, i didnt think much about it. I remember once on a cold oct day, sir graves gastly came to edgewater, to autograph pics of himself, I sat next to him, and helped him get stacks of photos out of the box. You would of thought i was helping Brad Pitt or something. I have many memories of edgewater, and when I stumbles across this site, it made me a little misty eyed. taking me back to a time when times were simple. edgewater will always remain one of my greatest childhood memories.
11/17/2010 - John Satko
went to Edgewater in the 60's with my family for Police and Fireman's fielday in the middle of the summer, great times and memories, best ride was the Wild Mouse, rode it over and over, big pots of corn on the cob, yummm , everything was free for being a police offficer's kid, always a hot day , great times in a much more innocent time, was always surprised to see many of my friends there that I did not know their dad's were cops or firemen.
11/1/2010 - Emmett Graham
My father worked and retired from Detroit Diesel. My recollection of edgewater park was the yearly picnic the GM/UAW had each year. My sisters and I would anticipate this event each year and having the opportunity to go to the park. I remember when it closed, it was one of the saddest day of my life. My father has gone on now but I have fond memories of him and I at edgewater.
10/24/2010 - Sherry (Onofrey) Traugh
Edgewater Park is one of my childhood's best memories. My Uncle Dave Greenberg owned the Shooting Gallery there. We never had to pay to get in, just ask for Uncle Dave to come to the gate, and in we went I was so surprised when I found this site and looked at the photos, that the 5th photo down, are my brother and I (in the first seat) my cousin Jimmy, Kathy and my twin sister Carol in the second seat on the baby roller coaster.
10/9/2010 - Frank Carozza
I just moved to Detroit from Arizona, and I live at Grand River and Appleton St, only a few short blocks from the former site of Edgewater Park. I've heard SO much about it, and everyone's contribution to this site, both in text and pictures, really make me feel like I've been there. It seems that the old Redford Theatre is the only original entertainment venue left in the neighborhood - how sad! I love my block and have incredible neighbors, but sites like this make me sorry I didn't move here a lot sooner. Old Redford must have been an absolutely AMAZING place to grow up. I heard that there even used to be a trolley to Edgewater Park that went up Shiawassee (one block away from Appleton). It's sad that the bowling alley, Clohecy Pontiac, the IHOP and the drive in at Grand River and Telegraph are all gone, but Edgewater Park seems the biggest loss of all.
9/14/2010 - John Bradford
What a blast from the past, reading about the park, and even more so, reading the names of you fellow bloggers. I have got to forward this site on to Joe and Maria Conti, and to John Padalino. Someone''s info was incorrect, as Mr and Mrs Conti live in the same house, across from the one I grew up in. Info about Chris Boddy was correct, sadly. Rodney Emery, we did Alex Dow, then St Paul''s together for grade school; you and Gary Cannon were the funniest kids. Have very fond memories of St Eugene Dad''s Club, sponsoring softball / baseball, and the All Star games. Maybe that''s why I volunteer as a CYO Athletic Director now. Mr. Stec (rest in peace), were our parents as crazy and loud-mouthed and over-protective as today''s parents? I doubt it. Those fields looks so much smaller now, as does the Hughes'' backyard, where we used to play pitcher''s hand / right field is an out from sunrise to beyond sunset. Though, when the streetlights came on, you knew my mom would blow the horn, and I''d have to scamper home, or else. Did anyone actually SEE the farmer''s gun when we hit a ball into his garden? Old friends I bump into once in awhile, or wish I would: Fairbanks, Brennan, Green, Masta, Deeg, Parszak, Szarafinski, Boddy, Ramonitis, Grubner, Zdrodowski, Snyder, Dworman, Murph, Liner, Kelser, Luckey, O''Connell, Orzech, Sayre, Garavaglia, Morris. Sorry to digress. The park was fun, but I remember getting dangerous, with lots of broken glass (before the bottle can return law). The rides became smaller as we got bigger, but it seemed like you knew everyone there, not only attending, but working. My baseball coach, Sandy something, ran one of the skeeball houses, and he would roll nothing but 50''s off the side bumper: amazing. Hope you all can add to this. Again, thanks for the memories.
8/28/2010 - jane
I still have my piggy bank from there, lol! Remember it well.....
8/26/2010 - r general
I am 78 and started to visit Edge water Park in about 1940. I remember the roller coaster when my cousin and I went up the ramp for the first big drop and there was a power failure and we were near to the top and had to exit and walk down the very narrow ram ,at night no less ,to the starting point. That was a real thrill that i will never forget. We went quite often to the park and probably experienced our first french fried potatoes there. It was a real fun experience that we enjoyed over the years even taking my prospective long time partner of 59 years there in 1949.
7/30/2010 - Phil Noud
I started to go to Edgewater as often as I could when I was about 11, in 1963. Usually with a friend, or friends. The Wild Mouse...wow! The Dutch Shoes would kinda almost make me hurl and junk...that was a little too much for me!
We always enjoyed the Funhouse too. The distorted mirrors were instant laughter!
The shooting gallery was a blast too.
One time I almost got whupped by two older kids. I was 12, they were about 14.
I lived on Pembroke and Bentler, about a mile and half away. I rode my bike to the Park, and was riding around slowly in the parking lot (the park was closed) by myself, when these two Greasers stopped my bike and confronted me. They asked me if I was a Frat or a Grease? Since my hair was not really Elvis style, it was parted on the side like Beaver, but there was some Brylcreme in it (frats wouldn''t do that) I took them by surprise when I replied, "I''m a Continental". They were slack jaw...and I wasted no time in naming all the Greasers I could think of, swearing I was friends with them all. Continental was more or less a blend of the two, with the slight edge
going to the greaser side. That''s my definition anyway.
They let me off the hook. My heart was thumpin'' for a little while though, as the mood of those greasers was to kick some frat ash. Glad I talked my way out of it!
7/10/2010 - Mary
Oh Wow, I just came across this site and couldn''t leave it without leaving my story. I grew up in Taylor, Mi. and would go to the park most every summer with my family. Then as a teen, I recall visiting the park with my high school sweetheart. My fav memory would have taken place in either 1968 or 1969. We went to Edgewater Park to see Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes. (There were summer concerts at the park.) Anyway, we were walking around the park before the band started, and all of a sudden it was pouring down rain. So, my boyfriend takes my hand, and starts to run. I said, where are we going? He said, just come on, follow me! We ended up at a small building, I suppose it was used for equipment. Several other people had the same idea as my boyfriend, and we all rushed inside this building There sitting down with his guitar was none other than Ted Nugent jamming! and we were no more than four feet from him!! Wow, that was quite some afternoon. The band never did play, other than the private jam session that is. Anyone out there happen to gather in the small room too??
Gotta love Detroit and all the great memories from the ''60''s and ''70''s.
4/5/2010 - Jim Ryan
Plug these numbers (GPS coordinates) into Google Earth to locate Edgewater''s former location... now a church.

N 42 25.810 W 83 16.285

3/29/2010 - Stevie-Ray
The Flying Scooter. Absolutely the most fun ride at the park. Slightly steerable, once you got used to it, you tried to steer it into outer space for the biggest thrill. Careful though, if you snapped the cables you were kicked off for safety. Greatest small-sized park of my life, I was there for maybe once a year every from 8 or 10 YO to driving age. I''m 54 now.
2/15/2010 - John
Good Ole Days were the best of times...grew up at St. Eugene''s. Our family was very active, Mom chaired the raffle committee for years and the whole shebang once. Great times at that park. Broke the glass on a pin ball machine while rocking with "Play that Funky Music"
2/12/2010 - Jayzus Crust
I have one memory of Edgewater Park. Back in the late 70''s when I was just 5-6 years old, I went to the park with my mom, older brother and my kid sister in tow, we ran into Sir Graves Ghastly...in costume.

It was like bumping into Jesus.
12/18/2009 - Scott
The wooden roller coaster was called the swinger I was too little and scared to ride it.
11/28/2009 - Stan Spruce
I lived in Garden City and a bunch of us kids rode out bikes to Edgewater to see the "Banana Splits" in concert. The real rock group "Rare Earth" performed the music for the concert and tv show. I live in the UP now and a group of rock stars performed at the Calumet Theater in Calumet Michigan a few years ago. The drummer for the "Classic Rock All Stars" was Pete Rivera of Rare Earth. I was fortunate enough to get an autograph from him and he asked me if I ever got to see the group live. I told him about the Edgewater show and he just laughed so hard that someone had actually saw them do that show! The other guys playing with him in the group consisted of the organ player from "Sugarloaf", Pete Noga from "Cannibal and the Headhunters" and Mike Manera from "Iron Butterfly" and "Blues Image". They heard us talking about that concert and they just started giving it to him over the Banana Splits gig!!! Was just hilarious!
11/1/2009 - Debbie
I grew up right across the street. Great area to be raised.My bestfriend (Heather)and I would go 3-4 days aweek during summer break from school.That was the year 1969 really don''t remember when we stopped.St Eugenes on Berg road closed the park for "Good Ole Days", everyone you knew was there. Only ride that scared me was the wild mouse. Great memories from the past.
10/26/2009 - Jim Mangiapane
This was the first amusement park that I ever attended in the mid-1950''s...I was just reminiscing about ole Detroit and looking some stuff up when I found this site. It brings back a lot of memories!!! Sure do miss those days (sometimes).
9/22/2009 - r shep
The year was 1964 and it was summertime in Michigan. My blind date with a most gorgeous blond girl that moved to my school in Belleville, Mi. that year.
It was Edgewater park and a summer evening of enchantment as we walked the park, rode the roller coaster, I managed to win a cupie doll on one of the carnival walk games (pitching the baseball and knocking down padded targets) to give to my special date. Then the topper of the night as I slipped the operator of the ferris wheel a couple of bucks to stop us at the top after the ride ended and unloaded us last so i could finagle a kiss.
I got the kiss and the girl! We were married 2 years later and are together today and still in love. We both have very fond memories of Edgewater Park and our magic night in 1964 where we fell in love...true love.
Thanks Edgewater Park for the memories on a summers night many many years ago.
8/15/2009 - denny eliassen
Ah yes... Pay one price (POP) and ride all day!! KE 12660. I do have a T-shirt but not original, the phone number on my shirt is 888-327-1957(Ted''s Drive-in inc.) .

6/3/2009 - Belinda
Yes to Linda E - I was there in the 60''s and the cages that you rocked back and forth, back and forth until you finally went over the top is still in my mind today. And the blue streak, the roller coaster was awesome. How I wish I could go back today.
5/11/2009 - Jean Wilson
R. I. P. to Sean Fitzgerald, who posted here a lot, another example of his contribution to Detroit and Detroiters, you are missed and we love you very much.
Edgewater park was the first and most visited park that I ever went to. It was awesome, kinda scraggly and ghetto. I remember hitchhiking with 3 girlfriends and being picked on by about a dozen black girls when we were 13 in 1970, watching my friends get all riled up over it, everyone ready to kick ass then I smoothed things out and observed race relations whereas I hadn''t confronted rascism before (with my own friends!) I befrended the girls a bit and learned about Malcom X that day.
Then after the park closed down it was one of my first urban exploration trips and continued to be a fave place to go till they tore it down. Is there any of the back of the park left? Now I want to go find out.
4/18/2009 - DMM
Today, My sister and I looked at her 7 year old daughter and started reminiscing about our youthful days in the 70''s and how during spring break we could always count on a trip to Edgewater Park. We were saddened that a local park like this no longer exist for today''s young people.
I even worked at Edgewater while attending high school here in Detroit. It was a blast!
Now I drive by 7 Mile and Berg and can still see the rolling hills as you approach what is now a church heading north on 7 Mile Road.
My fondest memories as a young man always includes the wonderful times I had at Detroit''s own jewel in the rough.
Edgewater Park!!!!
4/9/2009 - spring
Oh what fun I had going to Edgewater Park. The wooded rollercoaster was the BEST!!!!! It was small but enjoyable to all ages. I would go with relatives and my church. It was in the mid 70''s and early 80''s. At that time I did''nt know about Cedar Pointe. It was only Edge Water Park!! What a Blast!!
3/20/2009 - Jim H
Used to ride the bus from 7 & Oakfield out to Bowlerama then walk the rest of the way.

Best Wild Mouse ride ever was when the brake broke. We got about 15 or 20 times around before the operator took a flying leap onto the back of the car and dragged it to a stop! Cool!

2/9/2009 - Jason
Friend Danny and I would hop the bus at 8 mile and Van Dyke and head here for a full day of fun and ride the bus home late at night. 1965/67 what a blast it was to head here for the full day, just a bunch of kids having some fun. Sure miss the days.
12/24/2008 - Jim Gresham
I love the rides there POP was good too. Just never heard anyone mention Teen Sceene they use to have there. Saw Stevie Wonder when he was 13 there singing fingertips Del Shannon was there too same day along with martha Reeves and the Vandellas wow what memories. we used to take the bus up there me and my buddies. We always try to find a girl who we could rides the rides with. some great memories there.
9/9/2008 - jay scott bacchus
The WKNR aircheck including the snippet of the Edgewater Park jingle is nice. I wonder if anyone out there might have the original commercial tape. Small open reel tapes of commercials were distributed by advertising agencies to all media outlets. The Edgewater jingle exists as either an open reel tape at 7 1/2 speed or as an acetate phono recording that was played on air by radio stations. Is there anyone that might know of a copy?

We''re really getting into details here, but these are fun details. Who would know which ad agency produced the Edgewater commercial and what year?
Hoping there''s somebody reading this who might have something to add.
8/25/2008 - David
My sister Donna & I and my mom & dad came to Detroit every summer back in the 60''s to visit my mom''s cousin Louie and aunt TheresaWe lived in Collinsville Il. and had relatives in Detroit. We would go to Edgewater Park every year with our friends Diane, Brian, Richy & Raymond. I can really say that I had the best time of my life at this park. We would stay for hours at a time. What great memories that can never be replaced.
8/23/2008 - nicole
Hi I''m so glad I found a site on edgewater park, i actually put it as a fav. site to visit. I tell my 5 yr. old daughter stories about that park, i was only 6 yrs. of age when that park was demolished. My dad and mom and brothers took me to that park alot when i was little. I remember going on a ride that spinned alot in circles, it was like the gravitron today. I remember seeing the rollarcoasters. Thier was the tilt twirl, i really dont remember the rides but i remember going their and seeing all the rides and having fun. My mom and dad had alot of photos from the earily 70s dressed in jail outfits acting like they were in jail.

MY daughter says now watching the utube vid of the beast she wished the park was still open. I lived in livonia then, and now I live in redford 1 mile from grandriver rd. and 7 mile.Actually i live so close to where the park used to stand it would take me just a couple of minutes. its so wierd that im 34 yrs old and i still remember like it was yesterday i went thier. Im going to show my daughter where the park used to stand its a big huge church now. im pretty sure she will be bummed. She loves rollarcoasters and rides already and shes that young of age, shes so brave. I just love sharing memories with her.
8/11/2008 - DMS
Wow...the memories this site has brought back. I''m 37 years old. My father was a police officer for the city of Detorit. We went to Edgewater Park every year for his picnic. My whole family went ~ Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and family friends. It was a little bit like a family reunion too. What I remember most is we were allowed to run wild all day...with no fear.

The rides were awesome. The Rotor I believe it was called, where the floor dropped and you stuck to the wall. I could never get enough of that. My cousin once puked all over everyone on the Witches Wheel. My greatest memory of course is of The Beast. I was terrified of this ride.

The last year the park was open one of my older cousins talked me into going on this ride. My first roller coaster experience. Needless to say my neck hurt so bad from all the bumping and jerking...it was a long time before I braved another coaster. Great times, wonderful memories. It is sad kids today can not experience this magic. The best part is it was in our own backyard.
8/7/2008 - Lisa
I am amazed at this site and I''m taking a wonderful walk down Memory Lane!

I''m 42 years old and I remember when it was the true pinnacle of our summer to go to Edgewater. My father worked for Ford Motor Company and his UAW local always had their annual picnic at Edgewater.

I remember I was too scared to ride the Big Beast until I was closer to preteen age. When I did finally have the guts to ride it, the ride whipped your head back so hard that I ended up cutting my scalp on the back of the seat, sending me to the nearest first aid station. Because of this, I didn''t ride a roller coaster until several years later, not that it''s any big tragedy.

I also remember when we (my brothers and I) were truly scared out of our wits with the spook house. Thinking back, the paintings on the outside of the building along with the movable mouth of the "creature" at the top of the building were scarier than what was inside because it was just darkness and nothing else!! We were worked up into such a tizzy with all of the scary graphic art that we scared ourselves silly as we waited to get on the ride.

As we became older, places such as Cedar Point started becoming very popular, but nothing seemed to match the excitement we had in anticipation to go to Edgewater!!!
8/6/2008 - tguido

I love this site. I am 45 and remember my mom taking the whole family to this park. My older brothers and sister were big enough to ride the big beast and wild mouse but I was too young. I did love the haunted house and wanted one of the wooden skulls from the front of the cars for my bedroom in the worst way. I even remember the radio spots and anticipating the next visit. I lived only a couple miles away and was always bummed out to watch it disintegrate.

Anyway, my brother saw a poster for the park at a swap meet a few years back and when he went back to buy it the dealer was gone. Does anyone know of where I could get one of these for him. Even if it is a reproduction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please EMAIL me at tguido1@prodigy.net
8/5/2008 - WCSwcs
I was there a number of times as a little kid 44 now. never rode the coaster-I was scared that and everyone said they saw boards come off it at times lol.

The haunted house had like one light up thing inside the rest was dark.

We moved out of Detroit in 71. my friends who still lived there never wanted to go back when i visited.
8/3/2008 - rob
Hello all:

First off I would like to say as a now 40 year old I am a rollercoaster nut...love em all. I have never been to Edgewater but have been by there in the late 80''s I think it was 1987 or 1988 and remeber seeing what was left of the park. I remember seeing the wooden rollercoaster at least partially standing. The pictures on this site would confirm my memory that it was not torn down but rather fell down on its own from lack of care since closed in 1981.

The real reason I am writing is that I found out the Designer of "Big Beast" and the one in Walled Lake park was also the same as the person who helped design the "Blue Streak" at Cedar point - which I love a lot - especially in the back.
I am curious if anyone knows the stats of the Big Beast? Height, Speed, number of drops ect. It is hard to tell from the limited photos. I did find a video on You Tube that is interesting - it looks like it would have been a good ride from the short 3 car trains certainly it would accelerate quickly down the hills.

I am also curious when those "ruins" photos were taken...to see if my memory is accurate or not on the time I remember seeing the wooden coaster still standing.
7/20/2008 - Paul J.
When I was hitting adolescence, my friends and I would make a trip to Edgewater where we''d take advantage of the pay-one-price (POP) policy. We''d have a contest to see who could ride the roller coaster the most times. I did it something like 27 (or was it 35?) times in one day. For the next week or so I had the worst splitting headaches. Today, my wife (a nurse practitioner) tells me I probably got a concussion from all that head-snapping on the old-fashioned (no-head-brace) roller coaster. Nonetheless, we loved the freedom of roaming the place unsupervised by our parents.
7/20/2008 - Koz
Hello all, I am in the process of making t-shirts for Edgewater park, I was wondering if anyone had an original shirt from the park or remembers what it looked like. Email me at koz@provide.net
7/2/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I think you might mean "saw" couples there I think. I wish I could have gone, missed it by a few years.
6/29/2008 - Karen
When I look at these pictures I too just smile. I am 43 years old and I can recall My parents bringing me and my sisters to this park. Every year General Motors would have a picnic there and my father use to bring us here. I smile and then at the same time I am saddened because, I remember how Edgewater started changing. It started becoming ghetto and you seen couples there, but families stopped coming. I loved edgewater. Times were so fun and so easy and so worth it back then.
5/30/2008 - Chris H.
Many great memories of Eadgewater Park.
We was at Edgewater almost every Saturday or Sunday in the summer of 1960.
My brother was stationed in Germany with the army and me and his fiance fell in love. Just one of those things. We were secretly seeing each other and would go there because it was far enough away from the eastside where we both lived. We would always stay for the fireworks. Except for one time when we left early and stopped somewhere to make our own Fireworks!!
We were married for 47 years!
5/15/2008 - francie
I saw David Cassidy there in the early 70''s, I think! (hordes of screaming teenage girls)... Horrified of the wild mouse, but went anyway. I remember I found a $20 bill which seemed like a huge fortune at the time, and my sister made me split it with her.
5/8/2008 - tootsie
At age 12, I have to admit the Wild Mouse at Edgewater kind of scared me.

Watching from below, the Mouse cars travelled at breakneck speed directly at a 90 degree corner 30 or 40 feet off the ground.
All the weight & momentum of the cars & passengers had to make a left or right turn at full speed.
It seemed unnatural & fought against the laws of physics (to a 12 yr old).

While standing in line observing the ride worker loading a car which seated 10 passengers (2 x 2, side-by-side), the employee made sure everybody''s ''handlebar'' had moved toward the rear, effectively pinning each car''s occupants to their seat. That handlebar also gave passengers something to hold onto.

He then walked over to a lever and pulled...the Mouse car began to move, it''s railroad-style wheels proceeding along the ''track''.
Having only travelled a few feet the car began to come off the track.
The worker saw this & hurried over to the slowly moving Mouse car, he gave the car a ''smack'' with his hip & the car went back on track.

Two minutes later that same car was taking those 90 degree turns at breakneck speed.
I got out of line and never rode the Wild Mouse again.
5/2/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Wild Mouse. Don''t know bout the authenticity of the accident story.
5/1/2008 - Unknown
hey my neighbor told me that he went there when he was a kid. he allso told me that a a roller coaster called "the ragedy mouse" had came off its track and there were 1 or 2 deaths( i know it''s sad) but tell me this is that really true he said he could of sworn that it had rocked on its tracks a bit when he went on it. so pleas if you have any response or a similar experience please tell me.
4/29/2008 - Don Bowman
What great memories this site brought back after a 35 five year absence. Worked for the park back in the early 70s and on every break would go into the fun house ride and get on the back of the cars and scare the daylites out of people. Got cracked a couple times with those little bamboo canes they gave out on the midway but well worth the fun of it all. Anyone remember me from there feel free to drop me a line. Ferguson and Fargo was my hood and sure would like to catch up with old lost friends.
4/28/2008 - Mary
I wish I would have checked back on this site since some have made comments
noticing what I wrote about the park. It''s been way over a year since I''ve been here! I get butterflies reading all the detail information on memories of the park!

Tom D-if you ever come back to visit this site...I started laughing in hysterics that the employee let you sneek in the haunted house. When I read that part it answered my question from the past "Was there really some one inside that house??" IT WAS YOU by golly!!! My cousin was screaming his head off when someone swiped our hair! I can''t wait to tell him the next time I talk to him! We are in our 40''s. At the time we were 9 and 10! He was freaking out during the entire ride "Someone is inside this house!!" He never road it again! I loved it!! So, thank you Tom that was a bright idea!! And this was before all these haunted houses we have now days! And we wonder why Michigan is the top state with the MOST Haunted houses in the United States!!?? hee hee

Jeff-I wonder If we ever crossed paths with the electric edgewater company parties! How old were you? My father was local 51! How I missed those times! We always had picnic tables behind the haunted house. That was our meeting place. Wonder why since we loved that haunted house so much!

Sean-I must say that was well said and thumbs up !!

Best of memories to you all!


4/15/2008 - Pauline
I went to William H. Taft Jr. High, which was on the other side of the Rouge River, and behind Edgewater Park, and when the Girl''s Gym claases would
get onto the feild to play softball, we had a great veiw of the Roller Coaster.
Well... when I was out in the outfeild, I would be too busy watching the workmen run the Roller Coaster, and I''d end up with getting hit inthe head
with the softball, because I was watching the Roller coaster go round and round,
and I was distracted and awed by it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/1/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Rodney, Edgewater Park was at 7 Mile and Telegraph in Detroit, NOT in Walled Lake, I drive by the Church that stands where it was all the time,.The park in Walled Lake was .... Walled Lake Amusement Park
Name: Walled Lake Amusement Park Street: 13 Mile and Novi Rd.
It would have been impossible to take a boat trip to edgewater park, unless you sailed the upper rouge. I just sent an ariel to Gary.
4/1/2008 - Cindy Holloway-Hastings
This brought back my first crush and my first kiss. The concerts the rides what a great part of my teen years. I so glad to see the old pictures and laugh out loud when I think how scary they were. What a shame we don''t have a great park like this or Bobolo Island anymore. As pre-teens my parents would just drop us off for the day and pick us up ant closing. Thanks for sharing. It was very fun to remember it all.
3/29/2008 - rodney
No it''s the right park
2/29/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I think Unknown might have the wrong park, Grew up on walled lake and took the boat to 7 mile and Tele????
2/28/2008 - Unknown
I grew up on Leon Road in Walled Lake. The Amusement park was a part of the neighborhood. My parents went on dates there before they were married. Several times a summer the neighborhood kids would plan a boat trip to the park. We would get in our boats and go across the lake to the park. They always made us land our boats down the beach away from the dock. I rode the Flying Dragon" before I was twelve years old because I was tall for my age. This roller coaster was unique because you made a ninty degree turn before you went down the first hill!! You couldn''t really see the drop coming until you made the turn. At the top of the second hill there was a little "dippy-doo" and you had to be careful not to get thrown out of the car if you were trying to go "no handed". The rest of the ride was a piece-of cake. I must have ridden that coaster several hundred times.
The plane ride was one of my favorites. This was before the rocket ships in the website''s photos were put in. There was an accident and one of the cables broke and a number of people were hurt, both on the ground and in the plane. I had an Aunt who witnessed the whole thing. There may have been casulaties, but I''m not sure.
Another ride I enjoyed was the flying scooters. While in high school a number of us figured out how to make the scooters do a complete 180 degree turn so we were looking at the scooter behind us. This caused the ride to be shut down and we would be bainished from the ride for the rest of the day. Kids do crazys things, don''t they???
I also rode "The Scrambler" but not too often as it made me dizzy. The Ferris Wheel was a great ride to take your date on. Just the two of you in the car. Loved the Dodgem Cars too. Unfortunately, I was banished from that ride several times too. The one ride I never did ride on was the Cris Craft speed boats. I always loved watching them speed by me when I was out in the lake in my little twelve foot fishing boat but I never could justify the extra cost to take a ride in one. I started riding the Merry-Go-Round as a baby and I was married the last time I rode it....and the list and memories go on.
My daughter told me about this website. Visiting it has taken me back many years. Walled Lake is no longer the sleepy little town I grew up in and there is nothing left of the Amusement Park that was such a great part of my youth. Thanks for stirring my memories...
2/20/2008 - robert cieslak
I remember Edgewater Park very well. In the mid and late 60''s I took my ex-wife there many times. It was a great as a date place and then you could go to Big Boy''s for a burger and have money left from your $10.00. The Detroit area will never have a replacement.
12/29/2007 - Paul Wikander
I was born in Highland park in 1940, My mother and father told me many stories about Edgewater Park. My mother was raised up in the park due to the fact that my grandfather built and owned it until 1940 when he died and the park was sold. His name is Paul Heinze and I have not been able to find out much about his owning the park.

I was told by my parents that he designed three of the largest roller coasters in which the one at Edgewater was one of them. I still have one of the rifles that was used at the shooting gallery. I remember one story that still sticks in my head and that was when my mother and father got married and a lot of the employees gave them a set of china ware that was brought in from Japan since there were a lot of Japanese employees at that time. When the war broke out they were rounded up and put on a ship to take them back to Japan. During the trip back to Japan the ship was sunk and no one survived.

That was a heart brake for my Grandfather and my father. There were a lot of stories about the roller coaster like when my mother would go swimming without approval and ride the roller coaster to get herself dried off before going home. She also claimed to hold the record rides in one day on the roller coaster and the time when my grandfather got mad at her for being so good on the games like knocking down the milk bottles and being able to hit the bell with the mallet showing the big men how to do it.

My Grandfather said she was a shell and did not want that sort of a thing in the park. There were a lot more stories that my mother and father told me if only I could remember them all it would make a great book. The last time I went to the park was in 1953 when we went to Detroit when my grandmother died. My brother and I went to the park and met with the General manager whom I cannot remember his name, he gave my brother and I a roll of tickets and said have a great day.

I think we went on every ride in the part and even some more to boot. I will never forget this experience to this day. If anybody could give me any more information about the park prior to 1940 it would be great.
12/12/2007 - Diane
Wow! I grew up in Warren and I remember going to Edgewater Park back in the early/mid 60''s. Our parents used to drop us off for the day. What fun we used to have. Unfortunately, after the Detroit riots they would never let us go back. :o(. I never realized it was still open until 1981!
Thanks for the great memories!
12/11/2007 - James Shinn
I grew up in Brightmoor and went to Edgewater park as most of us did from the hood! we went to the park in the 70''s I remember that all of the action went on along the river threw the hole in the back fence! LOL whats funny is that my mother and father use to take a trolley down Grand River Ave. from Downtown Detroit to go to the park in 1948 when they where courting! and 50''s for a time after they were married.
11/18/2007 - Bernice
Hiya''s wow was jus cruisin the net and found this page about edgewater.Brought back many happy memories for me also. I remember riding the bus to the park on saturdays in the summer a group of us from dearborn. We had so much fun :) The fries were the best ! I remember seeing Nancy Sinatra there and her singing these boots were made for walking , hahah Great site , and thanks for sharing it with all of us .
11/9/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
It sounds like you had a bad experience , but you seem awfully invested in stressing the racial aspects of it. I think many black people have had the same experiences at the hands of whites. How bout this, without stating my skin tone, I to have had experiences of a similar nature, many times. But I go where I want, and it helped me understand how others have felt, regardless of skin tone. It is important to see the entire picture and I imagine there was a ton of resentment and animosity flowing around then. It is important to remember that there are stupid people of every skin color and when you throw in how racially charged this area was and is still, unfortunately sometimes is it''s easy to see how things like this could occur. Please remember that just because you had a bad experience, doesn''t mean everyone did, or will. Children should always seek the help of at least one preferably more than one, adult when they feel threatened. Plus kids, and unfortunately adults, gang up on each other based on stupid things like skin color. Sadly as was my experience, they seem to learn this awful behavior from adults. In my old hood we were all just kids until the adults pushed race on us. If you want to change that, the way is not to never go back, but to live your life in spite of it, but with the street smarts required to combat it. Good luck, might wanna leave a name next time. Sadly we say children are the hope for a better future , but as adults we seem to push our flaws on them as fast as we can.

Maybe Detroit needs another amusement park so that we can get past things like these, with practice, and remember that god only made one race, that we know of. The human race.
10/27/2007 - Unknown
Unfortunately, I remember Edgewater Park when it started to be an unsafe place to go (around 1973). Our parents thought it was safe to drop us (3 - 12 year old girls) off there to have fun for 2 hours. While standing in line on steps with my hand on the hand rail, a black girl in front of me was resting her rear end on the railing.

Her butt slide down on my hand and she turned to me and gave me a dirty look and a nasty comment as if I touched her butt. Long story short, the black girl and her friends followed us every where in the park with the intentions of beating us up. When our mother and grandma came to pick us up in the car, the black girls were running after us and even tried to pull open the car doors of mom''s car while we drove off.

Never went back there again and told every one I knew not to go there as they risked getting beat up. If you thought it was safe back then - good for you - but I wouldn''t have recommended it.
9/28/2007 - Kathy Kawa
Looking for Forrest!

Wow, thanks for the collection of photos. I also went to Edgewater for the family picnics. My father worked at the Willow Run plant in Yspi for GM, but perhaps he also worked for Ford at the Wixom plant. We lived there briefly . I have fond memories of this place from around 1972. I was 12 or so the second year they had the picnic there, and my father invited a friend from the plant over so that we could go together to the picnic. We met on Friday night. It was really odd because my father wasn''t the social type and he NEVER brought friends home. I remember my mother getting a bit peeved about the last minute notice. But here they were a whole family in our driveway, and in this family, a boy my age named Forrest. He had a younger sister. I have this memory of this kid that I seemed to connect with SO easily and we disappeared for as long as they visited, walking by the water near my house. We lived in Union Lake, and they came from somewhere "in the city". It was instant kismet between me and Forrest. We were excited to be able to spend the next day together at Edgewater. Of course, I had an older brother who didn''t want to be left out and insisted I "take turns" riding with Forrest on the rides, so we said, ok, just one, but then, leave us alone! We both knew we would never see each other again, we knew our parents were not really a match for friendship and we thought it was rather odd that we were brought together at all. Now, as an adult, I can say that my connection with Forrest was highly intuitive, since I am very gifted this way and he was the first person I ever met that seemed to be just like me, and this is why we clicked.

I never saw him again, I dont even recall his last name. I don''t know if I will ever see him again, perhaps not. But hey, Forrest! If you read this by some fluke, look me up! I KNOW you will remember meeting me and the brief but way cool time we had to share before our paths parted. If your father worked for GM or Ford and you went over someones house the day before the company picnic...and then spent the day with a new friend, yep that was me!!!!

Anyhow, great website all around, excellent pics of landmarks far and wide. Thanks for creating it!
9/9/2007 - Craig Logan
Talk about going back 30 years. And i thought i was the only one who missed those days. Hey John Zupanzcik, is Joe still alive? Hope so. Hey Emery, did you play for the cubs? Yes, I thought that football field was the bomb! Any of the Hughes'' out there? Fairbanks? I heard Chris Bodi overdosed? True or false.Thats sad. I think I saw like the Contis or Palaminos house on the forclosure list the other day, not sure. I drove by there last year, couldnt really see our old baseball/football/ kill the guy field. Any Brennans out there? Remember ice skating/ biking down the Rouge. Try that today. Think Mr. Vartainian is still alive? We should all meet out at Kensington or something. I would love to see all of you again, when I think of you I still think of you all the way you were. Who is married, who is not? Ill look back here every so often.Loved Edgewater and miss you all dearly.Go to Craigslist and write about Edgewater or something, Ill be watching for ya...
8/28/2007 - Mary Szymaszek (Ammon)
I can remember going to Edgewater Park almost every weekend. I saw Bobby Sherman there. My brother worked there for a few summers and he got us in alot, free. He use to always say...Stay off the Wild Mouse. I was there a few times when the car flew off the track. It was a cool place to go and have alot of fun for not much money and meet good friends. To bad there isn''t anything like that around Detroit or a near by community, now.
8/20/2007 - Rodney Emery
I can remember as a young boy sneaking into Edgewater by crossing the Rouge river near 7 mile and slipping under the fence to get in for free...every weekend... damn, how the memories flood back to me when, I looked at the old picture''s of the park online...what great memories they were for me and my brother Roger and Jeff rest his soul, and Clayton now living in California...as a child I had to make my own activities to do since, I was the baby boy of four boys, and you know how the baby of the family is treated...like sh_t... Growing up in Detroit on Houghton Between Pembroke and Fargo was a trip...I sure do miss the days when innocence was all around and the only thing to worry about was what you were going to do the next day....what the fuzz happened?...now, I live near 9 mile and Berg, and I often make my way down Berg Rd. just to look at the old St. Eugene''s school and ball diamonds and Taft Jr. High and the old site where Edgewater used to be and the memories flood back to me every inch of the way as I drive down Berg Rd. I think about the people that used to live there and how things have changed so much... I remember the Shimpko''s on the corner of Houghton and Pembroke, The Haywards too, The Hartford''s across the street from me, The Hugh''s family on Berg, The Beltzman''s on Lasher...By the way Mark Beltzman is living in California and Has been in alot of movies with Adam Sandler....I''ve seen him in different movies like "Mo money", and I can''t recall the other one''s right now...anyway''s if any of the old neighbor''s see this don''t forget about the football field we painted on the street on Houghton...and what ever happened to the Dressler family?...anyone know???
8/15/2007 - Dennis
gosh do i remember edgewater. i saw Bobby Sherman there. we lived in Garden City, took the bud down Middlebelt to Seven Mile and then another bus right to Edgewater. The good ole days. The Wild Mouse was my favorite ride. You use to think the car was going to go right off the track. Thanks for listening....
7/5/2007 - John Zupancic
What memories this brings back! Besides attending many of St. Eugene''s Good Old Days, I worked in the food stands 1978-1979, working originally for Art Rosenberg then for George (forget his last name). We didn''t use frozen/prepared ingredients. The potatoes were in 100lb bags, were peeled and manually cut into fries. But they were the BEST fries ever! The wooden roller coaster, the Wild Mouse, the Ferris Wheel all bring back memories. The haunted house, especially during the October with Sir Graves Ghastly, was always special. The haunted house operator used to let me, my brother (Joe) and friend (Larry) sneak in and scare the kids in exchange for food. When the park was rented out for picnics, we (the food service providers) were swamped because everyone (it seemed) got tickets for free Fries. DPOA and the UAW/Dodge Main picnics were soooo crowded! It was hard work but I got to go to the amusement park everyday for 2 years and, as a teenager, it was heaven and hell all rolled into one. I really miss Edgewater...
6/29/2007 - donna printz
I worked at edgewater park from 69 to about 74. I worked for Leo Pike. I was the girl behind the counter in skee ball...Mr Pike took my friend and I to cedar point to look at a game where you pulled a string and won a teddy bear. I loved it and he bought it and I ran it until 1974. I got so many people jobs there, including my brother Chuck. We lived on the corner of Pembroke and houghton back then and edgewater was the place to go..We spent our whole summers there and even though we were working it was so much fun. I can almost smell the fries with vinegar...What happened to Mr. Pike?
6/28/2007 - C.Shimko
I remember going to Edgewater every weekend as a kid, as I lived in the neighborhood of 7 mile and Berg. But the best times were St. Eugene''s "Good Ole Days" at the park because it just seemed like everyone you knew would be there. I also remember seeing some really great bands on the big stage in the late 60''s and early 70''s. I eventually got a job at the park around 1974 through my sister, who was already working there along with some of her friends. My boss was Mr. Pike and as long as I live, I will never forget seeing Mr. Pike driving through the Midway on his orange golf cart. I only worked there for a couple of years, but it was a great first job!! I will forever miss Edgewater and the great times I had there, either as a patron or as an employee!!!
6/10/2007 - Unknown
nobody has told me why it closed i have never been there . my nadors dad told me about it and he said that one of the rollar coasters flew off the track and thats why so can some one get my facts strait?
6/7/2007 - Linda E
Wow! Those photos brought tears to my eyes! And it looks so rickety now. Thanks everyone for the stories and info. Sad that the Beast was burned, but on the other hand, not! Lived in Detroit, went to Edgewater a lot in the summers. Wasn''t there an entrance where you had to drive under an arch and go over a river? I think there was a river around it. The first photos of the roller coaster below are beautiful, showing the woodsy surroundings. Remember the Rocket to the Moon? There were stand up swings too, where you were in a cage and could rock back and forth sideways and eventually go over the top. Loved the House of Mirrors, the Wild Mouse always scary at the first jerky turn! What a great little park! We didn''t have a lot of money, but tons of tickets so it must have been very affordable. Didn''t it go to one price later in years? I probably was there in the 60''s. Those photos of the roller coaster boarding station really seemed to spark memories for me. Even when I did go to Cedar Point, I liked the Blue Streak wooden coaster better than the new big ones. It reminded me of the Edgewater coaster.
6/7/2007 - J A
It was in the spring of 1970 or 1971, on a Friday night. Southfield High School, just 3 miles to the north rented out the entire park that evening for every student enrolled. What a blast I had with my classmates. Those times cannot be repeated.
5/26/2007 - Unknown
Why did Edgewater park close? i was told that one of the coasters flew off the track.
3/11/2007 - Mary Ann
Edgewater Park holds wonderful memories of my childhood. It was a tradition just before school stated in late summer myself my brother and all of my coulsins numbering twelve would pile into our family cars and spend a day at Edgewater. I remember running from the car to the ticket booth with such excitement the memory is ljust like yesterday but it was in the 1950''s. Wishing it was still there just to look at eventhough most of the rides would be so far out dated and not able to be used it would be nice just to go back and look and remember. Our parents watching us from the side of the rides as we went around and around waving and calling to us sweet, sweet, memories thank you Edgewater.
3/11/2007 - Janice Hollingsworth-Whitt
I am 60 years old and I remember my dad Jimmy Hollingsworth being a security cop at Edgewater Park and taking me & my sisters & brother there. My begged my dad to go on the small roller coaster and talked my sister Joyce to go on with me. When we were done Joyce, who did not want to go on at all, grew up to love to ride the BIG roller coasters and I NEVER rode one again. My favorite part was the House of Mirriors. Where you go in a maze of glass mirrors and have to get out of the room. After many bumps into the mirriors my brother, Jim, told me the secret of putting your left arm on the mirriors and following it around to get out. I have many wonderful memories of that wonderful amuzement Park and really missed it when it was gone.
3/4/2007 - bmulligan
I used to live down the street from Edgewater Park. I remember the "Good Old Days " festival that St. Eugene''s church used to have at the park when it was open, and then on the church grounds after it closed. In the winter we used to go ice skating at the public golf course across 7 mile from Edgewater. When the park was open, you could hear screams and laughter coming from it while crossing the foot bridge over the rouge river behind Howard Taft school on berg road between 7 & 8 mile roads. WOW, what a flood of memories. Edgewater was THE Coolest part of living in northwest Detroit in the 70''s. Remember the Book-mobiles that used to come around so you didn''t have to go down to one of the main library branches? Or the "Good Humor man" In his white uniform and white delivery truck that had silver bells hanging off of the windshield frame that he would ring as he drove through the neighborhood. Riding the Wild Mouse was the scariest thing I ever did as a kid. The octopus was my favorite. I don''t think I ever manged to get enough courage to go on the big roller coaster though. It''s too bad our kids will never experience the way life used to be, when you could have an amusement park just down the street.
3/4/2007 - C. S.
My family and I visited Edgewater Amusement Park in August of 1973 and 1974 when the Wixom Ford Plant had its company picnics there. It was my first couple visits to an amusement park and I really didn''t know what to expect. The first sight of the Soul Train roller coaster (what is was named then) intrigued me because I never saw one up close before. It looked old and raggedy and I was surprised the train was able to stay on track when it coasted by us. At the time, I was too young to ride roller coasters and I really wanted to try it. In 1974, my Dad and I went on it and it was an unforgettable first ride. I remember the fun house.. and reading the past submissions on this website really brought back memories for me of that particular attraction. Every time I tried, they had to stop the barrel roll so I could walk though it since I didn''t have good balance and kept falling down. Made my parents nervous. I remember riding through the haunted house ride and wiping off cobwebs from my arms and face at the exit. It was really nasty. My dad remembers seeing the coaster being dismantled in 1982. Glad to see so many people telling their stories about the park.. love to read more..
1/19/2007 - Jeff
As with Mary, my father was also an electrician (Local 51 Detroit), and I fondly remember Edgewater Park and the union picnics. Several of my uncles and cousins were also in the union, so it was always a big family get together. I think we had 45 family members there on year! I remember the first time the union rented the park after Boblo Island closed the first time (the previous site of the union picnics) and my dad and I rode the Swinger. We had so much fun that I dragged him on it several times in a row. He said he had not laughed that hard in years and then told me that it was the first coaster he ever rode as a kid. I also loved the haunted house and glad to see someone else remembers it. The cars used to come out of these windows and do a quick turn and then go down and up a small hill at the front of the ride where everyone in line could see you and then out and back through another window. I have never seen another like it since. Also, now I have proof that fries and vinegar were on the menu. I now live in Chicago and no one believes me when I say they existed and were great park food.
12/27/2006 - Tom D
A friend I grew up with decided to spend a day at Edgewater Park. Had been years since we'd been there - we really had a good time, but one of the amusements that had really changed was the Fun House. There used to be monsters that would light up with sound effects to scare you - it was a scary fun house. But when we went thru this time - there were no sound effects, it was just black, I guess you just had to use your imagination - it was nothing like it used to be. My buddy and I decided to create a little bit of excitement in the Fun House and asked the operator for permission for us to go thru again and get out of the cars and try to scare the riders coming thru. I was surprised that the operator actually allowed us to do that. Our game plan was to jump out of the cars shortly after we entered the tunnel that way our eyes adjusted to the darkness and the riders just entering the tunnel couldn't see us. My buddy was on one side of the track and I was on the other and when they came thru in the cars we were yelling & screaming out in real scary voices and actually touching their hair or grabbing their arm - we were having a blast! We were probably in the tunnel for a good hour and a half and the operator shut the ride down and came looking for us and told us that we had to leave because many of the riders were very scared and some were crying, but he admitted that we did a great job and created alot of fun for the Fun House. The truth was that the Fun House became the most popular ride in the park and people were waiting in line for this thrill.
12/6/2006 - Jeff
Anyone remember St. Eugene's "Good Old Days"? It was a church just north of Edgewater on Berg that rented the park for a day for its members and friends.
9/21/2006 - A. Brown
I loved going to Edgewater as a kid! My favorite ride was the Wild Mouse because it was so ragedy that I thought that it was going to jump off of the tracks at any moment. What fun!!!
9/9/2006 - DUANE HARTER
9/5/2006 - Mary
I can not believe I found people writing about Edgewater park!! AWESOME! My father was an electrician and his job would rent the park for workers families. I remember riding the rooter where the floor drops and you stick to the wall with my cousins- we were all around 9 years old. We road that one over and over if I did it NOW days I would spew. My cousin would litterally turn himself upside down while we stuck to the wall!!!! Do you know how hard it is to laugh when you are stuck to the wall?! It sounds horrible to laugh at such a dangerous situation but that was my cousin- if he were my son I of coarse would have flipped my lid if I had known or seen that! We never told our parents until NOW-all of us hitting our 40s. Of coarse that was my first roller coaster ride at that park. Remembering as I read others comments its because of that coaster I didnt want to ride any at Cedar Point or Kings Island. I thought they would ALL be squeeky old and wrickity. That coaster was WOBBLING side to side as we rode up and down those hills. Very scarey but again it WAS another fun moment watching the emotions on my other cousins face while we were noticing how flimsy that coaster was!! My favorite ride will always be the haunted house...I loved how we sat in a cart on a track as it went threw the mini trailer but yet had a small hill that it would glide down like a mini roller coaster. When we got out we had to walk threw the rolling tube to exit. We must have rode that a million times!! Those were the days...I only hope someone opens up an amazement park around the Detroit area again someday for the young to escape to-lots of people cant take long vacations to travel to Kings island or Cedar point. Bob-lo and Edgewater park were our excitment back then that I will never forget.
8/26/2006 - Frank
the rollercoaster at edgewater park the last 2 years was called the mind blower i rode it 5 times in the late 70s early 80s
2/28/2006 - Carrie Rowles
Anyone have any pictures of the Octopus style ride that Edgewater had? I remember it used to have bug type faces on them. Big eyes & lips. I Do remember that after the park closed there was a flood just before any rides/games that were sold were taken out. Many people are saying the coaster was called Soul Train in the later years. Dont remember that. (sure they dont mean Boblos steel coaster?) Only the Big Beast. I had one of the last rides on it. About 4 or 5 times in a row.
11/7/2005 - Sharon Gioiosa Hughes
I loved going to Edgewater Park and would ride the Wild Mouse as many times as I could. I always sat in the front car. Now I live close to Cedar Point and have never gone there because it costs an arm and a leg for one day...Id probably have a heart attack on the coasters today, but I will always remember going to Edgewater Park. Sorry to hear its gone now. Another place thats been lost forever except to memory. Im happy to know there are still photos around of it.
6/17/2005 - G. Arnett
Wow! As I drove down Telegraph Rd. the other day, I told my 7yr old that there used to be an Amusement Park right over there (pointing in the general direction), she didnt believe me, until I told her my father used to work there as a teenager, as did my older sister. I frequented the park during the mid-1970s, freinds and I would walk what seemed like miles and miles to Seven Mile and Berg Rd. (actually walking from Five Mile & Lahser area "Brightmoor", and if I remember correctly is was about $3-4.00 back then to get in. My friends and I soon found out the a small chain of local sandwich shops "Mr. Tonys" had 2-for-1 coupon available , so we made use of those quite often, even requesting to eat there, just so we could get the coupon! My best memory of the roller coaster was on a very slow day, my sister worked at the park, and the perks were that some of the ride operators knew her, and thus myself as well. We got on the coaster and as we came back into the loading area no one was in line and the guy/kid running it asked if we wanted to go again, we of course said yes, and away we went, this lasted about 8 or 9 times until we started to climb the main hill and at about the top the cars stopped, the operator walked up the hill with a crow-bar to somehow free the cars, we were riding in the back car (the best place to ride) and whatever he did freed the cars but we started to roll backwards, he jumped out of the way the cars rushed backwards down the hill. Unknown to us we had been up there for about 20 minutes, everyone in the park including workers were watching us, including my sister, who was about to faint, she ended up telling my mother, and we were never allowed to ride that "Death Trap" again! Also loved the Rotor, spinning in circles, waiting for the floor to drop, our goal was to see if we could turn ourselves completely upside down while the ride was in motion.
3/7/2005 - Harry Phillips
Edgewater Park was not Cedar Point. However, I still like buying my nails at the local hardware store rather than Home Depot, if you catch my drift.
2/25/2005 - Dave Wright
My father worked for Great Lakes Steel and one day every summer the company would rent out the park for its employees and families. I remember they would give all of the kids tickets and would have prize drawings at 4:00 or 5:00 in the after noon. I remember well the roller coaster and another favorite of mine (at age 9) was the funhouse with the rocking room, and the turning drum that you had to exit through to get out.
2/21/2005 - Larry Vich
Correction! My error. A while back while visiting youre site I noticed that the picture of the smaller roller coaster did not have a name. I submitted that it was the "Mouse Trap", I was wrong. That roller coaster was called the "Wild Mouse." Please accept my apoligies. The picture that is named "Mouse Trap" really should be "Wild Mouse." Thanks. Great wedsite, keep up the good work!
2/7/2005 - Ruth Diamond
I have a piece of the original "Wild Beast" roller coaster on a plaque in addition to a banner. I am looking to sell these. Dose anyone have any idea what this might sell for?
12/29/2004 - Lou
Only made it to Edgewater once - tho it was only a mile and a half from my house. Rode the big rollercoaster many times that day - the only one Ive ever been on. The smaller-crazier "Wild Mouse" was closed again - for repairs. Rode the huge ferris wheel...and "The Rotor". Didnt puke, but I was nauseous for the rest of the day. I remember when all the girls in my 4th grade class went to see David Cassidy perform there - during the Partridge Family days. Theres now a HUGE church (baptist?) built on the site.
10/19/2004 - Karen P Hunt
February 1, 1989: Cyril Wagner, former owner of Walled Lake Amusement Park (Walled Lake, MI) and Edgewater Park (Detroit, MI) died. I dont know if owned at the same time of what.
9/11/2004 - Walter Hermance
Ah Edgewater Park.What fond memories. My buddies and I spent many enjoyable times there. We would stand by our cars on the road down into he park and try to get girls to spent the evening at the park.Sometimes we we lucky. The Korean war came and a few of us went into the service. That broke up that old gang. We slowly lost touch with each other, but I still have the old memories.
2/15/2004 - Sharon Bryant
My father, Frank Cook got the original roller coaster from the park when they were tearing the park down. I believe it was painted yellow, and we hauled it in truckloads to his property on Haggerty Road in Belleville, Michigan. The coaster for the next five years was burned in wood burners to heat a barn where carousel horses were being paint, and amusement rides. My father owned The Cook Amusement Company from Fraser Michigan, and the New Motor State Shows of Belleville, Michigan. So, just in case folks wonder what happened to the roller coaster, I thought you might like to know.
12/30/2003 - Bernie Palmer
My memories of the summers of 1963-1967 are of getting on the Grand River bus at Livernois and getting off at Lahser (not Lash-er), as we all pronounced it back then! We'd then walk down Lahser and my older brother Larry knew a back trail along a creek behind the houses (fuzzy memory of that). We'd emerge on Seven Mile Rd. and continue about a half mile down 7 mile to the park. It was apprx 3-4 dollars for the entire day. The dodge-em-cars, tilt-a-whirl, roller coaster, mirror house, that ride that spun and the floor dropped out and stuck you to the wall (only puked once!). Also that snow-themed ride next to the roller coaster that spun and went in circles on an incline were GREAT!!. We would always save a couple of dollars and stop at Henry's Hamburgers on 7 mi. (pre-McDonalds in Detroit), on the reverse trek back to the Grand River bus. It breaks my heart when I go home now. I'm 50 now and have been a cop in Houston, TX for 21 years. But....remember the old saying: "They can't take away your memories". Please email if you have similar memories!!
8/7/2003 - Charles Kanelos
A visit to Edgewater Park was a summer ritual for my brother and I. The two main things that the park had going for it was a great roller coaster and a pay one price admission policy. Our uncle lived a couple of streets away from the park and we would sometimes get our hands stamped and leave the park, go over to our uncles house and ask to do some quick jobs for extra money which we spent when we went back to the park. I remember watching a maintenance man hanging over the front car of the roller coaster with an oil can. He oiled the coaster cars as they rode up and down the hills. I though he was one of the bravest persons to do this!
7/27/2003 - Detroit News
During my teenage summers I would get up at 5am on Saturdays and start washing cars...anyones cars: my mothers, my fathers, my brothers, and any neighbors who were willing to pay," said Laurie J. Marzejka. "When I had earned enough I would shower, change into a shirt, shorts, sandals, and shades and head-out to Edgewater Park. I would spend the entire day with friends enjoying sunshine, snowcones, and slow-poke suckers all amid screams of delight." Youngsters squeal as Edgewater Parks roller coaster -- "The Wild Beast"-- goes over the top on opening day in the spring of 1942. "Nothing could be better than to take the Livernois/Grand River bus to Edgewater Park on a hot summer Saturday or Sunday," said Dennis Kreish. "Cotton candy, thrill rides, and lots of people. It was the early 60s. We would leave around noon. Usually the four or six of us, Roman, Mark, Kathy, Diane, Barbara and myself would wait at the corner of Livernois and Horatio, just in front of a corner grocery store, to board the bus. We got off at Grand River and waited near what was the church Aretha Franklins father was pastor, although at the time we didnt know it. Entering Edgewater Park and hearing the screams of kids enjoying the Tilt-a-whirl, or the smell of cotton candy, and taking the bus ride home will always remain one of my fondest memories of the past." Edgewater Park, Detroits westside funland for more than half a century opened in 1927 during the Depression. It was responsible for an untold number of romances. Always a good place to hang out, everyone had fun. The 20-acre park, located at Grand River (Actually Berg Road - WWW) and Seven Mile Road was operated for many seasons by Milton and Cyril Wagner. The main attraction was a rickety-looking wooden roller coaster known as the "Wild Beast". It had other names over the years including "Soul Train". Anyone who rode its twisting, torturous path experienced stomach wrenching thrills. A colossal 110-foot ferris wheel with free swinging gondolas, grabbed your attention. A favorite at Edgewater was the Hall of Mirrors. The park hit its popularity peak in the 1930s, when it offered a relatively cheap way to forget the Depression, and in the wartime 40s when it became jam-packed, night after night, with young servicemen. It offered Dodgem cars, The Octopus, a carousel, Hall of Mirrors and a funhouse where sudden jets of air blew up the skirts of young ladies. In April of 1944, Edgewaters summer opening was heralded in the News with the appearance of "Sky High Girl, an aerial artist who performs on perchpoles and trapeze bars." Edgewater flourished for many years fueled by early day junk food like Corn Dogs, Pronto Pups and Egg Cremes. The park sailed through the 50s despite a fire in October 1954 when lightning struck the metal-roofed dance hall. Two men died, including a musician returning to get his trombone. Four hundred people escaped from the wooden structure when the fire started. A fire set by a teenage arsonist in December 1955 damaged a section of the roller coaster, but it was no worse off once repairs were made. Only one fatality was tied to the rides at Edgewater. It happened in August 1976. An eight-year old girl jumped off the giant ferris wheel before it stopped and was struck in the head. With the advent of the super highway and birth of multimillion dollar theme parks like Disneyland, its popularity waned. In September of 1981, after 54 years of operation, Edgewater Parks turnstiles clicked for the last time.
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
Edgewater Park - OLD FAMILY PICS
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Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
Edgewater Park - THE BIG BEAST
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Edgewater Park - MIDWAY
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Edgewater Park - BIG BEAST THEN
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