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MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16

Address: 28600 Dequindre Rd #1050
City: Warren
State: MI
County: Macomb
Open: 1991
Owner History: Cinemark Theatres
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Info Updates:
8/1/2021 - Cameron Rogers
This cinema is still open and it's actually pretty cool. When they demolished the Universal Mall they left about 50 percent of the wing leading up to the theater standing and now is part of the main lobby to the cinema. Some of the mall storefronts are now part of the cinemas main lobby. If you compare photos of the old universal mall with current photos of the cinema you can see the hallway in question. The two side entrances of the cinema are also holdovers from the now gone enclosed mall.
1/9/2018 - Cameron
As of 4/7/2017, this is now the MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16. It has recliners, along with a renovated lobby with a Studio Bar & Lounge. The new theater, like the old theater, does not have stadium seating.
11/21/2016 - jt
This theatre is now closed.
9/18/2016 - Cameron
MJR just bought this theater. They're going to renovate it & create a 16-screen theater with first-run films, 4 screens with 3D capability, a bar, Pepsi Spire drink dispensers & leather chairs. It's scheduled to open in February.
6/5/2012 - Fulby
It's still there (and still showing second-run films, including a few which have probably been out on home video for some time, for example as of June 5, 2012, they are still showing Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (though it has been out on DVD for some time now), but has changed a bit. The Universal Mall was torn down except for this theater and was rebuilt into an outdoor power center. A new facade was added to the theater outside, but inside it is still similar to when the mall was still there. So newcomers to the Movies 16 may think the theater is new, but they step inside and enter the dated interior. This theater is operated by Cinemark and has no stadium seating.
12/19/2005 - Ginger
This theatre is so dirty...I enjoy the movies there and the price but they need to clean it up...
2/9/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
This multiplex shows all second-run films for a $1.50. A great place to check out a film you may have missed at a great price. It replaced the earlier Universal City Theatres that have since closed, although they reside in different buildings in the same complex.
MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 - INTERIOR CONCESSION
MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 - SIGN
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